AE 381





Duration of University Examination

University Examination


3 Periods per week

3 Hours

50 Marks

25 Marks


  1. 1.Disassembling of 4 cylinder petrol engine.
  2. 2.Assembling of 4 cylinder petrol engine.
  3. 3.Disassembling of 6 cylinder diesel engine.
  4. 4.Assembling of 6 cylinder diesel engine.
  5. 5.Study of oil filter, fuel filter, fuel injection system, carburetor, MPFI
  6. 6.Study of ignition system components – coil, magneto and electronic ignition systems.
  7. 7.Study of engine cooling system components
  8. 8.Study of engine lubrication system components
  9. 9.Ovality and taper measurement of cylinder bore and comparison with standard specifications
  10. 10.Ovality and taper measurement of engine crank shaft and comparison with standard specification